Curtis Creek Manifesto (The)

Curtis Creek Manifesto (The)

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Author/Illustrator: Sheridan Anderson

  This is the finest beginner fly-fishing guide due to its simple, straightforward approach.

Curtis Creek Manifesto
is laced with outstanding humor provided in its hundreds of illustrations.  All the practical information you need to know is presented in an extremely delightful way such as rod, reel, fly line and fly selection, casting, reading water, insect knowledge to determine which fly pattern to use, striking and playing fish, leaders and knot tying, fly tying, rod repairs, and many helpful tips.  A great easy-to-understand book.

8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 48 Pages, B&W - Fully Illustrated


"Over the years, I have read or sampled dozens of books that purport to teach fly-fishing, but the classic is a comic book called Curtis Creek Manifesto published by Frank Amato Publications. I read it in the late 1970s, not long after I decided to become a fly-fisherman. I took what I learned to my very own “Curtis Creek.” __Gary Lewis, Eugene Register Guard, June 2nd, 2012


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