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Trout with Flair & Taste

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Australian Fishing Network 1977

Author: Chef Jean Louis Malla

The Tasmanian Trout (a sea run brown trout) is the focus of this cookbook. The recipes all come with great color photographs of the finished dish. The chef starts by showing you how to prepare your fish by Filleting or Smoking. The recipe proportions are done in metric, but are easy to convert.


·         Soups

o   Trout Consommé with dumplings

o   Smoked trout chowder

·         Entrees & Appetizers

o   Warm smoked trout salad

o   Sashimi trout

o   Warm smoked trout with garlic mayonnaise

o   Salsa

o   Cold smoked Swedish style trout

o   Trout fettuccini

o   Timbal of trout with seafood

o   Sea trout Tahitian style (on cover)

·         Main Courses

o   Sea trout with prawns & Béarnaise sauce

o   Grilled trout thyme

o   Sea trout with fennel

o   Trout with freshwater yabbies (crayfish)

o   Trout Veronica

o   Provencal trout

o   Trout meuniere

o   Fillet trout Nice style

o   Monte Carlo trout

o   Trout with almond sauce

o   Poached trout in mango sauce

o   Poached trout madrilène

o   Curry trout

o   Fried trout Madras

o   Trout with wild mushrooms

o   The Charlie Chaplin trout recipe

o   Steamed trout mandarin style

o   Trout Andalousian

·         Bush Cooking

o   Trout in the mud

o   Baked trout in foil

o   Trout the easy way

8.5 X 11.25 Inches, 45 Pages




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