Tying Glass Bead Flies

Tying Glass Bead Flies

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Author: Joe Warren

The author shares all you need to begin including glass beads in your flies. Joe shows you the best hooks and beads to use (including charts and color plates); effective tools and accessories; different uses and techniques for beads; tying instructions; hundreds of color photos; tons of tips; and hundreds of fly patterns for both fresh- and saltwater.

8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 64 Pages, All-Color, Index

Published 1997, 2012


“LOTS OF JUNKY WANNABEES COME OUT each year in the world of fly tying publications and they just try to hook your wallet. Not true with Tying Glass Bead Flies by Joe J. Warren. Expect the same interior excellence you find in Amato Publication’s Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying in the new Tying Glass Bead Flies: in a word, stunning. What a visual feast of fly tying; great photography and simple, clear and crisp instructions along with frankly just some cooler-than-cool fly recipes. Warren’s attention to detail brings us 30 classic and innovative patterns: from nymphs to emergers, to eggs, anadromous, searching (attractor) and saltwater patterns. Here’s the extra cool part: some especially well sculpted naturals are featured – that you’ve got to see to believe. They are creations with beads, traditional materials and synthetic combinations- glowing, alive fish-attracting flies with a bead-based design twist. This small book is only 64 pages not 100s folks, but quality is here all the way. We suggest the publisher move to a spiral bound format in reprints of this one, as in their larger books. The book is tough to prop open and everyone will want to. Guaranteed, Tying Glass Bead Flies will be a best seller for a long time to come. Add it to your list of favorites." __Walter Clark, October 2014


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