Matching Mayflies

Matching Mayflies

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Author: Dave Hughes

"Everything You Need to Know to Match Any Mayfly You'll Ever Encounter"

Mayflies are the most important order of aquatic insects to those who fly fish for trout. In order to fish their hatches successfully, it is essential to understand their four important stages-nymphs, emergers, duns, and spinners- and to carry and know when to use the best fly patterns for each phase of this life cycle. Dave has been studying mayfly hatches, photographing them, tying flies to match them, and honing presentation techniques to fish those flies for more than 30 years. Now you can benefit from Dave's vast on-stream knowledge.

8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 84 Pages, All-Color, Index

Published 2001

For more information about the author go to Dave Hughes on "Ask About Fly Internet Radio." Don't forget to click on the interview recording!

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