Summer Steelhead Fishing Techniques

Summer Steelhead Fishing Techniques

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Author: Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen is quickly becoming known for his fact-filled, full-color fishing books. This time Haugen explores summer steelhead, including: understanding summer steelhead; reading water; bank, drift, and sight fishing; jigs, plugs, lures, dragging flies, and bait; fishing high, turbid waters; tying your own leaders; egg cures; gathering bait; do-it-yourself sinkers; hatchery and recycling programs; mounting your catch; cleaning and preparation; smoking your catch; and more. With concise text and clear photography, Haugen manages to pack this small book with everything you need to know to enjoy successful summer steelhead fishing.

6 x 9 Inches, 136 Pages, All_Color

Published December 2003

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