Alaska Fishing On A Budget

Alaska Fishing On A Budget

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Author: Bernard R. Rosenberg

  Everything you need to know to plan a successful Alaskan fishing trip on the CHEAP!

Have you always wanted to go fishing in Alaska, but figured it was way out of your budget? If so, then this book is for you. Bernard has almost 20 years of experience planning spin fishing trips to Alaska at a very affordable price. This complete trip-planning book includes: resources; timing your trip; best fishing locations; arranging your flight and itinerary; vehicle rental; equipment and necessities to bring; protection from bugs, bears, and rain; packing for the trip; stocking up in Anchorage; on the road; techniques; preserving and processing your catch; etiquette; and so much more.

Bernard can orchestrate the perfect trip for the minimum amount of money, follow his blueprint and you can't go wrong.

6 x 9 Inches, 111 Pages, Index, All-Color

Published 2003


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