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DVD featuring: Bill Herzog & Nick Amato
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Steelhead fishing is addictive!

Bill Herzog and Nick Amato will show you how to catch one of the world's favorite game fish. Not one, but two native winter steelhead pushing the 20-pound mark are hooked and released! Drift fishing or bottom bouncing is often the most effective way to catch steelhead. This tape will teach you everything you need to know to experience the thrill of hooking giant sea-run rainbow trout. This video was filmed in Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. The scenery coupled with trophy-class wild steelhead is spectacular. Underwater shots show steelhead in their natural habitat and what your presentation looks like. You won't believe how a Spin-N-Glow looks under water. Sit back and spend a few days on the river with Bill and Nick. Subjects covered include: Seasons, range and types; reading water and decoding rivers; terminal gear and rigging; rechniques for steelhead drift fishing; natural baits; and the tools--rods, reels, lines and other personal gear.

60 Minutes

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