Fly-Fishing Techniques <BR>For Smallmouth Bass

Fly-Fishing Techniques
For Smallmouth Bass

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Author: Harry Murray

Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is one of the most exciting forms of angling.

This "gentlemen of the warm water species" is broadly distributed throughout the United States so many anglers can find him close to home and find gratifying angling quite easily. He is at home in small rolling streams, broad meandering rivers and crystal clear lakes. In all of these waters he will take flies with gust and then leaps into the air to show his sleek bronze body.

Harry Murray shows the tackle, flies and casting methods which are effective when fly fishing for smallmouths. Drawing on a lifetime of smallmouth fishing, guiding and teaching his angling schools he shows you how to evaluate rivers in order to find the best places to fish.

Harry discusses in great depth the various minnows found in smallmouth rivers, the flies that match them and the most productive techniques for fishing them. The smallmouth nymphing game is one of Harry's favorite techniques and he shows you the types of water and the methods that work best. He then goes to the surface and covers the best ways to take smallmouths on dry flies and surface bugs.

There is special attention given to floating the rivers and fishing ponds and lakes.

This new book by Harry Murray covers all aspects of fly fishing for smallmouth bass in a way that anglers of all skill levels can benefit in order to improve their days on the water.

8.5 x 11 Inches, 120 Pages, All-Color


Harry Murray was born, raised and still lives on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River in the village of Edinburg, Virginia where he has Murray's Fly Shop. This is Harry's seventh book on fly fishing and he has also made two videos and a DVD. His articles can be seen regularly in many national fly fishing magazines. Harry conducts many fly fishing schools each summer out of his fly shop. These schools can be seen at and you can reach Harry at (540) 984-4212.

For more information about the author go to Harry Murray on "Ask About Fly Internet Radio." Don't forget to click on the interview recording!

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