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Benchside Introduction <br>to Fly Tying (The)

Benchside Introduction
to Fly Tying (The)

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Spiral Hardbound


Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer

The renowned writing team of Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer have done it again!

Following the incredible success of the best seller The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference, this popular duo has created another unique fly-tying book.

The first 25 pages of this oversized, lay flat, spiral-bound book are filled with fly-tying techniques, the last 164 pages are cut horizontally across the page. The top half of the page shows tying steps for numerous patterns, and includes references to techniques that are explained step-by-step in the bottom half. Now you are free to look at the fly (top) you are tying, while getting (bottom view) detailed instructions on a specific technique required for that fly.

This groundbreaking book is sure to thrill all fly tiers.

9 x 12 Inches, 189 Pages, All-Color

Published 2006


"Why didn't someone think of this before?" __Ted Eisele, Boise Valley Fly Fishermen, June 2006

"It's a pioneer step in fish-book publishing" __Terry W. Sheely, The Reel News, June 2006

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