Orca Encounters: Images of Southern Resident Killer Whales

Orca Encounters: Images of Southern Resident Killer Whales

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Photography by Monika Wieland
Foreword by Rich Osborne

Encountering wild orcas is an unforgettable experience. Having them approach you within a few yards as you sit on shore and observing them as they travel in their family groups, hunt salmon, and play at the surface is indescribable. This book captures in images what cannot be put into words: intimate face-to-face meetings with one of the most charismatic, mysterious, and intriguing animals in the ocean.

The Southern Resident Community of orcas lives in the Salish Sea near the San Juan Islands of Washington and the inland waters of British Columbia. Although they have intensively studied over the last several decades, there is still much about these intelligent, social creatures that remains unknown. Recently listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, this population of whales represents the wild ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest. This collection of photographs gives you a glimpse into the lives of J-, K-, and L-Pods.

11 X 8 1/2 Inches, 72 Pages, All-Color

Published 2007


Monika Wieland was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Since 2003, she has been spending her summers on San Juan Island, where she studies killer whale acoustics, works as a naturalist, and photographs wildlife. She received her degree in biology from Reed College in 2007. She has no idea what her future holds, but it is full of possibilities.


"Orca Encounters allows the reader to sit comfortably in the dry climate of the indoors, out of the glare of the sun and blowing wind, and spend some quality, intimate time with the killer whales of J, K and L pods. This lovely book would make an ideal gift for adult or child." __Beth Helstien, The Journal of the San Juan Islands, August 15, 2007


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