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Atlantic Salmon Flies
Postcards from Rivers Past

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Photographed by professional photographer Richard R. Twarog

This postcard album holds a collection of thirty beautifully photographed works of fly-tying art. Originally designed by Irish fly-fishers in the early 19th century to catch Atlantic salmon with a rod. Atlantic salmon flies have evolved into "objects d'art." Art galleries and museums in Europe and the United States exhibit the work of fly-tier Tim Trexler.

30 Postcards, All Color

Published June 2006


"What a great collection to take on fishing trips and send to friends at home working, telling them all the appropriate lies ..ah, stories of your fishing skills and successes. Or better still to frame and hang them in your fly tying room for inspiration and enjoyment. Overall, this is a great collection of very affordable art that you can share and enjoy yourself, for years to come." __Bruce E. Harang, FFF Flyfisher, 2006

Salmon flies to keep/share

"Atlantic Salmon Flies: Postcards from Rivers Past portrays a gift book of 30 flies, photographed by renowned photographer Richard R. Twarog and published in perforated postcards ready for mailing. The display of Atlantic salmon flies are exquisite for the crisp, clean, colorful renditions caught by Twarog's camera. The 5x7-inch cards may be framed or mailed to share with a fly fishing friend or two or friends who may appreciate the postcard plates for their art. Fly tying is an art, and when it involves Atlantic salmon flies, the finished fly is to be admired for some time." __Anna Minicucci, Warwick Beacon, October 2006

"This great little book's subtitle says it all, "Postcards from Rivers Past." It is a collection of 30 beautiful classic Atlantic salmon flies tied by world-famous fly dresser Tim Trexler. The art director and photographer, Richard Twarog, is equally well-known on a Hollywood movie set as he is on a Pacific Northwest trout stream. To say this book is exquisite would be a gross understatement. It is the best postcard book of beautifully tied and photographed flies we have ever seen. Every flytier or photographer of fly patterns should have one of these books just to know what the ultimate goal really looks like!" __FFF Flyfisher, Autumn 2010 - Winter 2011


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