Steelhead Flies

Steelhead Flies

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Spiral Hardbound

Author: John Shewey

Steelhead flies represent the highest eschelon of artistic fly-dressing. They enjoy a rich tradition as both a functionally designed lure for tempting the much-revered steelhead, but also as a creative expression of the aesthetic appeal of fly angling. John Shewey, author of the acclaimed Spey Flies & Dee Flies, has produced another well-written and researched book, rich in technique, method and innovation. Through concise text and hundreds of sharp, color photographs--including step-by-step and artistic individual fly plates--Shewey covers: materials for steelhead flies; basic tying techniques; hairwing and featherwing flies; Spey and Dee styles; Practitioners, shrimp and prawn patterns; dry flies and much more. This book is a must-have for all steelhead fly-fishermen.

9 x 12 Inches, 216 Pages, All-Color

Published 2006


"Every once in a while a book comes along that succinctly documents a slice of fly-fishing culture. John Shewey's Steelhead Flies does just that, making an important contribution to the growing body of fly-tying and steelheading literature." __John Larison, Fly Fisherman, February 2008

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