Basic Stream Flies:<br>How to Choose,<br>Fish & Tie Them

Basic Stream Flies:
How to Choose,
Fish & Tie Them

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Spiral Softbound Authors: Jim Schollmeyer & Tracy Peterson

This book contains 28 fly patterns that can be used to match most fishing situations. Each pattern includes information on what the fly imitates, and when, where, and how to fish it. These patterns were chosen not only for their ability to catch trout, but also to show the different types and styles of commonly used flies. To reduce the number of patterns needed, natural insects with similar body shapes or stages of development are grouped together, and one or two basic patterns that imitate the insects in each group are presented. Then by changing the size and or body color of the basic pattern, you can match all of the naturals in its group. With each basic pattern there is a photograph showing useful variations of the fly or a similar pattern.

Each basic pattern is accompanied by instructions on how to tie it. If you are not a fly tier, most of the patterns or ones similar to them can be purchased from a fly shop.

6 x 8 1/2 Inches, 144 Pages, All-Color

Published April 2008

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