Fly Patterns of British Columbia

Fly Patterns of British Columbia

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The Roderick Haig-Brown Centenary Edition Softbound

Author: Arthur James Lingren

"Roderick Haig-Brown played an important role in the lives of many North American fly-fishers. His influences on me in particular are deep and far reaching and I consider him to be the fishing father I never had. He said that for a common property resource to flourish it required stewardship from a dedicated body of anglers. I became involved in the early 1970s and nearly four decades later I continue volunteering my time on behalf of fish and their habitat. He influenced me in my choice of tackle, and of course he was the main influence that directed me into pursuing steelhead and other BC game fish with a fly. He awakened my interest in fly-fishing literature and my library reflects Haig-Brown's influence in so many ways, from my collection of Haig-Brown books, to many others that he suggests in some of his writings. He too awakened my appreciation for fine press books and my library with its select limited editions is a reflection of that influence.

The first edition of Fly Patterns of British Columbia contained about 50 references to Roderick Haig-Brown and through those references, one can see how important he is to BCs fly-fishing history. This book is the right one to reprint and include the section on The Haig-Brown Centenary. Not only does it highlight Roderick Haig-Brown, the book contains all his flies and flies of his contemporary fly-fishing friends of the day, such as the ardent angler artist, Tommy Brayshaw; Haig-Brown's steelhead fly-fishing mentor, General Noel Money; and the famous Kamloops trout fly-fisherman, Bill Nation. It is through these pioneer fly-fishers that British Columbia enjoys such a rich fly-fishing heritage." -Art Lingren, May 2008

8.5 X 11 Inches, 112 Pages, All Color, Softbound

Publishing Fall 2008


A retired administrator with the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Art Lingren has lived all his life in Vancouver and spent 37 years of his professional life supplying water and collecting and treating wastewater for the Lower Mainland's member municipalities.

Art has served a number of years as a director of the Steelhead Society of British Columbia, is the official historian for the British Columbia Federation of Fly Fishers and past president of British Columbia's oldest fly fishing club, the Totem Flyfishers. However, afflicted by a love-affair with sport fishing for much of his adult life, he has experienced an ever-absorbing interest in the history of the sport.

With about 40 years of experience chasing fish to many places in the province and his passion for the history of the sport Art has authored eight books and contributed to ten others.

When not busy working, spending time with wife Beverley and son Charles or writing about his passion, Art is off on his next steelhead, salmon, coastal or interior trout fishing trip.

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