Steelhead are called "The Fish of a Thousand Casts" for a Reason!

Steelhead Fishing Essentials (with DVD)

Steelhead Fishing Essentials (with DVD)

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Softbound Book Includes the 100 MINUTE DVD

Author: Marc Davis

Steelhead are called “The Fish of a Thousand Casts” for a reason—they are elusive. Even the most experienced anglers will go many trips without hooking, let alone catching, a fish. That challenge is why steelheading becomes a life-long passion for so many.

Marc Davis has been pursuing steelhead for several decades, and was past President of Northwest Steelheaders. In Steelhead Fishing Essentials he shares his years of knowledge and experience, on the page and also in person with the exciting 100-minute DVD that puts Davis’s words into action. Davis, and other expert steelheaders, discuss rods, lines, hooks, terminal tackle, baits, reading water, techniques from the bank or boat, scents, casting, conservation, and more. Dramatic underwater footage and adrenaline-pumping fights on the DVD give action—and credibility—to Davis’s steelheading expertise in the book. So whether you’re new to steelheading or a seasoned veteran, Steelhead Fishing Essentials will put more chrome on your line!

6 x 9 Inches, 165 Pages, All-Color

Published May 2009


"There's no fishing experience quite like trying to land a steelhead salmon. That's why "Steelhead Fishing Essentials: A Complete Guide to Techniques & Equipment" by steelhead fishing expert Marc Davis will be so well appreciated by the novice angler. Included in this superbly organized and presented instruction manual is a 100-minute DVD featuring dramatic underwater footage and steelhead fishing action documenting the value of what Davis offers in the pages of this superbly written and comprehensive textbook that covers everything from where and how to find steelhead, tackle and bait, lines and leaders, hooks and leads, rods and reels, baits and lures, basic equipment, casting and catching, boats, logs and records, and even what to do with steelheads when you've caught them. Thoroughly 'user friendly', "Steelhead Fishing Essentials" is enthusiastically and confidently recommended for anyone wanting to experience one of the greatest thrills a fisherman can experience -- successfully landing a steelhead salmon." _Wisconsin Bookwatch: July 2009, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

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