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Techniques & Equipment...Plus lots of Fish-on Excitement!

Author: Marc Davis
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Steelhead are elusive! Even the most prepared and experienced anglers will go many trips without catching, a fish. That challenge is why steelheading becomes a life-long passion for so many.

Marc Davis has been pursuing steelhead for several decades and now you can benefit from his vast knowledge and experience. This exciting 100-minute DVD puts you on the front-line--you will feel like you are out on the water with him as Davis points out where steelhead hold and then shows how to entice them to your lure...Fish On!.

Like having your own personal guide, Marc Davis shares tips and techniques that will improve your catch rate! As he explains what you need to know about equipment, terminal tackle, baits, scents, casting, and more, dramatic underwater fish action and adrenalin-pumping battles from shore and boat provide the backdrop--and the proof that his information works! So whether you're new to steelheading or a seasoned veteran, Steelhead Fishing Essentials-DVD will put more chrome on the end of your line!

DVD 100 minutes

Publishing Spring 2009


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