Bank Fishing<br> for Steelhead & Salmon

Bank Fishing
for Steelhead & Salmon

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Author: Scott Haugen

The sport of bank fishing for salmon and steelhead continues to grow in popularity. For the beginner, there is much to know. For the experienced, there is always something to learn.

In Bank Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead, noted author, Scott Haugen, highlights details aspiring anglers need to know. Pre-trip preparations you can do at home that will pay off in more time spent fishing; researching rivers and reading maps; organizing your gear; reading water and understanding the various water conditions in which fish hold; the best gear, tackle, and bait to get you more salmon and steelhead; specific bank-fishing techniques and tips; basic riggings; and more—this comprehensive book will guide you to more successful and enjoyable bank fishing.

6 x 9 Inches, 96 Pages, All-Color

Published November 2009


"Salmon and steelhead success does not require a boat. What's required is an understanding of run timings, rigging skills, knowledge of different angling methods and when to apply them. Few can match Scott Haugen's knowledge and ability to communicate the information you need to be successful from shore--and here it is!"
__Buzz Ramsey, Northwest steelhead and salmon icon

"Writer, adventurer and consummate fisherman, Scott Haugen estimates that he spends 250 days a year in the field, fishing hunting, photographing and researching and a good many of those days involve, what the author calls, "the art of bank fishing for salmon and steelhead." The "art." I don't think I've ever heard bank fishing referred to as "art" but in retrospect it's an apt description of the presentation subtleties, reading water refinements, and tackle balancing involved. Bank fishing, as anyone who consistently succeeds at it knows, is much evolved from the fling-it-and-hope stereotype.
He explains the specific tactics for specific water conditions, riggings, baits, gear, tackle, when to fish in the alders and when to work the mid-channel pockets, when to try eggs and when wing spoons. Successful bank fishing begins at home, according to the author and spends chapter on explaining why. He follows up with four chapters covering reading water, gear selection, fishing techniques-and tips-and wraps it up with what he calls, "smart bank fishing." That chapter alone is worth the price.
I've been walking the banks of steelhead and salmon rivers from Alaska to California for more decades than I care to confess, and I find this book useful and revealing and a reminder of some of the nuances that I've allowed to slip.
If you fish from the bank I don't know why you wouldn't be a better fisherman with this book."

__Terry W Sheely, Reel Books In Review, January 2010

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