Fly-Fishing for Alaska's Arctic Grayling: Sailfish of the North

Fly-Fishing for Alaska's Arctic Grayling: Sailfish of the North

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Author: Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf

An intriguing creature with its graceful sail-like dorsal fin, and willing to take your fly almost endlessly, the Arctic grayling is a fish like no other.

An admitted Arctic grayling fanatic, Pudge Kleinkauf has owned and operated Women’s Flyfishing for 22 of the 39 years she has lived and fished in Alaska. With an entertaining style and in-depth information this book includes: the fish and its lifecycle; the art of catching grayling; productive fly patterns; Arctic grayling around Alaska and the world; protecting Arctic grayling; and so much more. The biology and history of Arctic grayling, their habitat and feeding habits, where and how to find them, fly-fishing techniques and equipment, fly patterns, conservation, lots of Alaska information—everything you need to know about Arctic grayling.

6 x 9 Inches, 183 Pages, All-Color

Published 2010


"Grayling known in many circles as Ladies of the Stream and specifically Arctic grayling are the subject of this lovely book. The writing is extremely well done, and the photographs are truly stunning. The author has previously won awards for her books and you can clearly see why in this volume. The book is comprised of five parts. The first part is a short introduction to the Arctic grayling and its life cycle. The second is directed to how to find and fish for this lovely quarry. The third part of the book is the longest and details where in Alaska the fly fisherman can find Arctic grayling and some information on where they will not be found. Next there is a short section on grayling found around the world in addition to Alaska. Finally, the book concludes with a collection of proven fly patterns for catching Arctic grayling. These include dry flies, emergers, nymphs, and streamers. For those looking for a jump start on a grayling adventure in Alaska this is the book. The editing and production are top notch and the photographs of the Arctic grayling and the Alaska countryside, flora, and fauna are spectacular."
__Bruce E. Harang for the Federation of Fly Fishers magazine

"The book is written and presented in a lively modern, very easy to read style, and with a large number of photographs both illustrating the points she makes as well as showing the beauty of the land where the Arctic lives. If you just wish to make your grayling library complete by having a specialist book on Arctic grayling or are planning a trip to that stunning part of the world, this is the book for you."
__Rod Calbrade, Editor, The Official Journal of the Grayling Society, Spring 2010 (Society Web Site:

"You'll find it among fishing books at the bookstores. But Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf's third fishing title is more an ode to a fish that reaches trophy status at three pounds than any run-of-the-mill how-to fishing book."__Mike Campbell, Fishing "Alaska's Newspaper" LINK TO FULL ARTICLE

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