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Author: Craig Schuhmann

  3rd PLACE:
Northwest Outdoor Writer's Association's Excellence in Craft, 2013

With graceful casts, leaping trout, and beautiful scenery, fly-fishing is a relaxing way to spend the day—if you know what you’re doing! If not, it can be a frustrating day of twisted lines and no fish. If you’d prefer the relaxing day, then Get Started Fly-Fishing! will help you develop a clear understanding of the fundamentals of fly-fishing and catching trout on a fly rod.

Fly-fishing is a very complex and intimidating sport, and Schuhmann breaks it down to easy-to-understand sections on: trout; fishing presentations; fly-fishing gear; knots and riggings; fly-casting fundamentals; trout food and fly patterns; reading water; and many other useful tips. In addition to teaching the basics, this book also gives recommendations for developing the more nuanced approaches required for specific rivers and conditions. The author has introduced hundreds of anglers to the sport using the principles in this book—and they will work for you too.

Highlighted with many beautiful photographs and instructive illustrations, the reader will develop a thorough understanding of:
Trout: the most common species of trout, how they differ, and what approach to use for each species.
Fly fishing gear: from rods, reels and lines to the most essential tools and equipment.
Knots and riggings, and their overall importance to the angler
Fly casting fundamentals, tips for improving your casting, and solutions for solving the most basic casting problems
Trout flies: the most effective patterns, why they work, and how they are related to the types of food trout eat.
Trout foods: insects and other food forms that form the trout's diet, such as mayflies, stoneflies, caddis, and terrestrials
Reading water and knowing where and how to locate trout in a river
Presentation skills and understanding how to approach trout in a river to find consistent success when it comes to catching fish.
Tips for landing, playing and releasing trout.

8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 116 Pages, All-Color

Published April 2012


"In Get Started Fly-Fishing!, Schuhmann breaks down the sport with sections on knots and riggings and casting fundamentals as well as trout food and fly patterns, reading water and presentation. With a lot of color pictures and illustrations, the book is easy to navigate, but the title is a little misleading. Yes, the beginner will benefit from this book, but so will the more accomplished fly-fisherman." __Gary Lewis, Eugene Register Guard, June 2nd, 2012

"“Beginners will particularly enjoy learning how to connect the parts of fly fishing rigs – fly line to leader, leader to tippet, and tippet to hook – and the section on where to find trout in a river will certainly cut down times between strikes. The illustrations are easy-to-follow, and there are color photographs of common flies. All in all, Get Started Fly Fishing! is a perfect primer for someone just starting out in fly fishing."__Jerry Smalley, Hungry Horse News, April 10th, 2013

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