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Hatch Guide For Upper Midwest Streams

Hatch Guide For Upper Midwest Streams

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Author: Ann R. Miller

In the user-friendly format of the series, Miller discusses the naturals and their behaviors then provides matching fly patterns and fishing techniques on the opposite page.

Fly tying is a combination of art and science; fly tiers understand the biology and behavior of an insect, and then imitate it artistically. Color, size, silhouette, and behavior of an artificial are essential, which is why it’s important to have some knowledge of the local insects. Mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, lesser insects, and crustaceans of the upper Midwest are covered in this book.

Learning to identify insects can be daunting for anyone, but doing so will pay off for you with more fish. Or . . . you can just get this book!

4 x 6 Inches, 348 Pages, All-color,Index

Published December 2011


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