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Wild Steelhead
Biology & Conservation

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Author: J.D. McPhail, Ph.D.

Wild steelhead are one of nature’s special gifts, and now more than ever they need your attention.

The debate over wild versus hatchery fish roars on, and Wild Steelhead provides you with all the information you need to know about this wondrous fish. Biologists have uncovered a wealth of information on steelhead that is very useful to fishermen, but it's spread throughout scientific journals and is often written in complicated language - until now!

J.D. McPhail has studied the biology and ecology of Northwestern freshwater fishes since the 1960s. An angler himself, he understands what's important to an angler and shares information that will make you a better, more informed fisherman - and conservationist.

6 x 9 Inches, 144 Pages, All-Color

Published March 2016


"Learn what makes steelhead, steelhead. What do they eat. Where do they spawn. What types of steelhead exist. What is their geographical range. What is their size range. How do they hear. How does their eyesight work. Do they feed as adults in fresh water. How many eggs do females produce. Do males and females act differently. Where do they go in the ocean. Can they live after spawning. Why are they so strong. How do they swim. What is their juvenile, pre-migration lifestyle in fresh water. These and dozens of other questions are answered by Professor Emeritus J. D. McPhail of the University of British Columbia.
We published this book because we love steelhead and wanted to share this wonderful information with our fellow anglers and steelhead aficionados!"

__Frank W. Amato, Publisher (and 60-year steelheader) Salmon Trout Steelheader, Flyfishing & Tying Journal, 
Great Lakes Angler magazines.

"Don McPhail's Wild Steelhead: Biology & Conservation provides these riveting lines: "... for me wild steelhead symbolize nature in northwestern North America ... I chose steelhead...because they are important to humans ... a bellwether for the state of our aquatic environments. And importantly, the continuing decline of wild steelhead sends a clear message: something is terribly wrong ..."
A broadly respected fish scientist, McPhail provides a bridge between science and lay literature in his conveyance of the biological wonder of this complex animal in its proven ability to adapt to an ever changing environment over time. Although he finds a role for hatcheries in cases of habitat loss – despite hatcheries often being the “carrot” to accommodate that loss – his primary message is the undeniable need to protect wild populations and the importance that wild sanctuaries without hatcheries may ultimately play. This is a well written work on steelhead biology."

__Bill McMillan, Northwest Outdoor Writer

"J. D. McPhail's book Wild Steelhead is a must-read for all of us that idolize this great Icon of the North Pacific. He answers a host of questions I have wondered on for forty-plus years. I highly recommend this book to all. It is terrific."
__Larry Cassidy (Frank L. Cassidy, Jr.), Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, Retired; Northwest Power and Conservation Council, Retired; Wild Salmon Center Board Member, Current


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