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Float-Fishing for Salmon & Steelhead

Float-Fishing for Salmon & Steelhead

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Author: Terry J. Wiest

Float–fishing provides the most natural presentation for catching salmon and steelhead.

In this up-to-date book, “The Float Fishing Guy” shares his secrets of success! Basic and advanced fishing techniques, including shotting and bobber doggin’; Rigging; Presentations; Reading Water; Equipment; Lures; Knots; everything you need to master this productive fishing technique.

6 x 9 Inches, 72 Pages, All-Color

Published April 2014


Terry J. Wiest has over 38 years of experience fishing for salmon and steelhead, with float-fishing being his forte. He has caught and demonstrated his techniques at numerous seminars and sportsmen’s shows throughout the Pacific Northwest. Terry has also published numerous articles on salmon and steelhead fishing sharing his adventures to some of the greatest fishing in the world. He is widely known not only for his float-fishing skills but also for his association with Salmon University and Steelhead University, two of the largest Salmon and Steelhead websites. Terry is an active member of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and is Past-President of the South King County Puget Sound Anglers where he is a Lifetime Member.


“If Float fishing is your sickness, this is the cure! Terry Wiest has put together a phenomenal book detailing the blueprint for success in his latest release of Float Fishing.” __Mike Perusse, G. Loomis Rep.

“This is solid stuff from an accomplished float-fisherman. If you want to catch more steelhead and river salmon, this book is a must.”___Terry Rudnick, Author/Fisherman

“Having had the privilege to spend time with Terry both on the water and behind the scenes of some of his articles and books, I can say without hesitation that he is both a skilled and knowledgeable angler, and an excellent and passionate instructor. This, his most recent publication on the art and science of float fishing will most certainly increase your chances of success, which in turn will lead to the immense satisfaction and enjoyment we experience in this ofttimes crazy, yet always wonderful pursuit of chasing steelhead and salmon with rod & reel.” __Steve Turner, Outdoor Photographer

“Float fishing has become such a dominate fishing method; no angler should be without the road-map-to-success instructions included in this.” __Buzz Ramsey, World Renowned Fisherman


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