Buoy 10: The World's Largest Salmon Run!

Buoy 10: The World's Largest Salmon Run!

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Author: Larry Ellis

Finally a comprehensive book on the Columbia River’s world-famous Buoy 10, from one of the most respected and accomplished anglers in the area.

Maps, boat launches, techniques, rigs, safety, timing, species, weather, tides, boats, accommodations, campgrounds tackle shops, marinas – everything an angler needs to know to find success at Buoy 10, home to the world’s largest salmon run.

Join the excitement of so many fishermen that challenge their skills to fish Buoy 10 on the mighty Columbia River in between Oregon and Washington.

8.5 x 11 Inches, 112 Pages, All-Color

Publishing Summer 2016


My question is: Why.

Why has it taken so long to produce this long-overdue book?

If ever there was a need and a destination for a how-to, where-to guide book the month-long circus fishery at the Columbia River mouth Buoy 10 is that place.

The half-dozen miles of Columbia tide water between the red can Buoy 10 on the tempestuous edge of the ocean and Buoy 44 at the upper river boundary off Oregon’s Tongue Point is THE salmon destination for upwards of 100,000 fishermen a year. And I’m guessing that far too many of them have barely a rough idea of what they should be doing.

For 31 days in August, Buoy 10 is both the hottest salmon fishery on the Northwest coast and the craziest. One to two million or more chinook and coho salmon surge out of the ocean into the narrowing funnel of the Columbia River, directly under a fleet of sport-fishing boats that has to be seen to be believed.

Gunwale to gunwale boats crowd the choice areas, ramp-parking fills up hours before daylight, and regional motels sell out in May despite $250 a night price gougings. The author, a Brookings writer, estimates the fishery generates $315 million sport-fishing dollars a year and no one is willing to guess how many million pounds of salmon dinners it produces.

Ellis describes the mouth of the Columbia as “the world’s greatest funnel fishery,” and he’s right. Take millions of Pacific Ocean salmon, pack them into a giant wad and push them into a river mouth under a veritable fleet of sport-fishing boats—and you’ve got Buoy 10 in August. Fishing often strings out deep into September, but August reigns—producing both chinook and coho salmon. Run sizes and species dominations vary each year, but always there is a wall of salmon to tackle.

The author is a hardcore fisherman and explains everything a hardcore fisherman needs to know, picking the brains and years of experience of long-time guides and top rods, diagramming their pet rigs, revealing their trolling paths, isolating their favorite tides, and defining the most productive holes.

We’ve all heard about Buoy 10—Ellis now shows us how to fish it like a pro.

He includes listings and insights into practical Oregon and Washington boat ramps, accommodations, bait and tackle locations, lessons on how to read the best tides, solid how-to-fish information, diagrams of productive hook ties, trolling rigs, plugs, bait cuts, flasher arrangements maps of the river---in my estimation absolutely everything a fisherman needs to know to be successful.

Follow the guide tips, rigging and fishing techniques, run timing, local customs, trolling paths, and tidal changes spelled out in this book and you won’t have to worry about getting pelted with dyed herring for violating some unwritten Buoy 10 law.

Absorb and follow the advice of these pros, and I can’t help but believe that you will catch salmon if not like a pro, at least more than other newbies.

Buoy 10 is packed with photos, maps, diagrams, ramp locations, and illustrative photos. If Buoy 10 is on your fishing schedule, this book should be on your boat seat.

---Terry W. Sheely The Reel News

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