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Washington's SPORT of KINGS
Views of a Fisheries Insider

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Author: Frank Haw

Once attracting about as many participants as the combined attendance of Seattle’s three major league teams, salmon fishing was Washington’s first major league sport. In past years this state’s catch exceeded the combined sport salmon catches of California, Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska. Since then, Washington anglers often choose to travel to British Columbia or Alaska to catch salmon — many of which originate in Washington!

In Washington’s Sport of Kings the development of salmon angling in Washington’s marine waters is documented from its ancient origins, through the Puget Sound resort and boathouse era, heydays on the outer coast, to the present. Early salmon derbies and associated scandals, a knock-down fist fight between a prominent tribal member and a top State fish cop, and a Governor caught using a state-owned boat for his private yacht, are among the many factual vignettes.

Many controversial issues impacting salmon angling are addressed in this captivating book, including mismanagement, politics, international and Indian treaties, and the Endangered Species Act. Remedies which could restore fishing to a semblance of its former glory are recommended by the author, a fisheries biologist with 75 years of experience fishing in local waters. Frank Haw served as head of the salmon sport program at its peak, was Deputy Director of Fisheries under two Governors, and is uniquely qualified to tell the inside story.

6 x 9 Inches, 232 Pages, Photos and Illustrations

Published 2015

Why You Should Read This Book:

“I recommend this book to everyone who has an interest in fish and fishing, no matter which fish or what place, and it should be required reading for every college student studying fisheries, as well as their instructors, as well as fishery managers who might benefit from a new perspective on their responsibilities.”
Richard R. Whitney, PHD; Retired Professor, School of Fisheries, University of Washington. Professor Whitney taught Fisheries Management (1961-1994); and from 1974-1979 served as Fisheries Technical Advisor to Honorable George H. Boldt, Senior Judge, United State District Court for Western Washington in the case United States v. the State of Washington.

“If you love salmon fishing like I do and care about our salmon, then you should get this book. Frank Haw, better known as the “Guru” by those of us lucky enough to call him friend, has written a marvelous book on the history of saltwater salmon angling in Washington State. Be aware and be delighted that this is not your typical “fishing book”. This is a comprehensive book that includes personal insights into the coast wide management of salmon, the effects of the Boldt Decision and the Endangered Species Act, and the critical need to protect salmon habitat. How all these factors interact is set against a rich and entertaining history of salmon fishing in our state. Salmon anglers, historians, students and policy makers will enjoy and learn much from this excellent book.”
Norm Dicks, Congressman (D-WA), 6th Congressional District, 1976-2013


"Switching gears while staying in the November time frame, I want to re-introduce you to my mentor and salmon fishing guru, Frank Haw. As you may recall, if you’re a long time follower of these writings, Frank Haw introduced me to the salmon fishing world back in the mid-70’s. I owe my career and salmon knowledge to Frank, a former WDFW Deputy Director who has the charisma of Robert Redford crossed with Clint Eastwood. Got a visual? He is a man among men and I am doubtful that there will ever be another Frank Haw. Working with and for Frank Haw is and was the greatest professional experience of my life.

Today, in his early 80's and in great shape, Haw has been working on a book for years. It will be released early this month and I more than encourage you to find it, read it and keep it forever in your War Room. The title of the book is Washington’s Sport of Kings. It features Frank's knowledge, history and observations during the last 75 years in the salmon world.

In the book, Frank wades into the Judge Boldt Decision and the resulting 50/50 split between the treaty tribes and other users, the 13 point sport fishery plan, salmon piracy, habitat issues and related topics. It is a must read by all who want to know more and understand the history of how and why we got to where we are today in the salmon world.

At this writing, Frank will be the keynote speaker at the Sno-King Chapter’s November meeting in Edmonds, Nov. 15th, beginning at 6:30 p.m. He will also be featured on KIRO Radio’s Outdoor Line, hosted by Tom Nelson and Rob Endsley on an upcoming Saturday morning this month, describing details of the book. It promises to be a great interview.

One last thought regarding Frank Haw. He is credited with the invention and development of the Puget Sound resident chinook (blackmouth) program. Through experiments with hatchery produced chinook salmon, he discovered by holding hundreds of thousands of these hatchery fish, at freshwater rearing facilities, a year beyond their migratory time (spring of first year of life), the fish, early in their second year of life would remain in Puget Sound for their entire life cycle, creating a year-round sport salmon fishing opportunity. Cool, huh? Get the book and it will make a great Christmas present to any angler who is passionate about salmon fishing. Hey! That’s me!"
__Tony's Tackle Box, November 2015

"Here it is: The most important book for anglers ever written about Washington’s salmon. The definitive history of the sport of salmon fishing in the Northwest. The book, Washington’s SPORT of KINGS, Views of a Fisheries Insider, by Frank Haw.

The book contains more than just opinions. It is river-bank-full of facts, names, dates and places. The author, Frank Haw, a renowned fisheries biologist and sport fishing legend, reviews for readers our salmon fishing history in the Northwest for the past one-hundred years and longer, through research, but more recently, his own experiences as an angler, while at the same time being a professional fisheries manager at the Washington Department of Fisheries. He leads us through the tumultuous times of our salmon fishing history. He explains the complexities of salmon politics that puzzle and frustrate salmon anglers and advocates. Successes and failures, highlights and low lights, plus his adventures in the field, are related in chapter after chapter.

It’s all here in SPORT of KINGS. All the questions that today’s salmon advocates wonder about why things are the way they are in Washington’s salmon world are revealed by Haw. Readers might be surprised what they learn. But what is so valuable, is that Frank takes us right through today’s "modern" world of salmon fishing with his personal experiences as an insider from his beginnings as a young biologist to his tenure leading the Department of Fisheries as Deputy Director, and yet later to recognition in the world of salmon management as a scientist at Northwest Marine Technology, the firm that developed the coded wire tag to track salmon and other fish in their migration.

I’ve known Frank Haw as a co-worker and a friend for more than 44 years and I’m always amazed at his depth of knowledge, not only of salmon, but of the people who were the cornerstones (or the culprits) of the actions that have led us to where our salmon fishing is today. Frank’s expertise in salmon fishing in the relating the history of sport fishing in Washington’s SPORT of KINGS, is second to none. I couldn’t put the book down. I’m reading it again, for the second time in two weeks.

Buy this book! Read it. Learn the history. You won’t be disappointed".
__Jim "Tug" Tuggle, THE REEL NEWS, January 2016 Edition

"Illustrated with a handful of black-and-white photographs, Washington's Sport of Kings: Views of a Fisheries Insider chronicles the history of salmon angling in Washington's marine waters, from ancient times to the present day. Chapters describe the rise of the Puget Sound resort, the boathouse era, multiple fishing-related scandals, controversies over salmon angling (including incidents of mismanagement and political dealing), the Endangered Species Act, and more. Endnotes and an index round out this thoughtful, well-researched, and thoroughly accessible chronicle sure to fascinate not only anglers, but also any reader seeking to better understand Washington's storied history. Highly recommended for both fishing and Washington state history reading lists."
__The Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin Bookwatch: January 2016


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