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Saltwater Game Fishes Of The World<br>An Illustrated History

Saltwater Game Fishes Of The World
An Illustrated History

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Hardbound with Black Ribbon (Slightly worn dust jacket)
Original Retail $49.95

Authors: Bob Dunn and Peter Goadby
Cover Art: William Goadby Lawrence

Foreword by Michael Leech

This is a book for all those who love the sea and the great oceans and inshore fishes which inhabit it. It is a book not only for anglers, but for marine scientists, nature lovers and seafarers of all nations who share a curiosity about these majestic creatures and how our knowledge of them has slowly developed over the past two millennia.

Chapters include "The Naturalists" - "The Fishes" - "The Anglers"

10.24 x 13 Inches, 292 Pages, Color Illustrations, Bibliography, Index

Published 2000 by American Fishing Network (Australia)

This book is not just a book for saltwater anglers. All anglers, whatever their individual persuasion will benefit... __Michael Leech, President, International Game Fish Association


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