Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing: A Guide for Still Waters

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing: A Guide for Still Waters

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Author: Ron Newman

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing provides serious anglers with a fresh look at their prey and their sport. The book is directed at fly fishing for insectivorous Rainbow Trout in pristine lakes. However, the information is useful to all trout anglers regardless of their choice of tackle or location.

Over 30 years of research and data collections to provide you with:
Aquatic entomology, including hatch graphs
Bug availability by moon position
Motivators and behavior patterns of rainbows
Rainbow trout physical and sensory abilities, etc.

Plus, you will discover the answers to many questions, such as:
How well do rainbows see, hear and smell?
What is the "Schreckstoff Factor"?
What are the visual trigger and the visual window?
What bugs do rainbows eat and when?
How important is color to the angler?
How does the lateral line system work?
What is an attractor fly and how should it be retrieved?

In addition, you are provided with numerous tips, quips and bits of interesting information. Most readers will refer back to this book many times over the coming years.

6 x 9 Inches, 284 Pages, All Color, Softbound

Published June 2008

"One last thing! I just came across a book which seems to me the best ever written on lake fishing for rainbow trout. Rainbow Trout Fly fishing - A Guide for Still Waters by Ron Newman. For the serious fly fisherman, this is the college course text book on the subject. I have not finished it yet, but I can hardly put it down. It can be found at the local fly shops and all the other sources for books as well." -Doug Vakoc, President Sunriver Anglers, Club Bulletin Nov 2008, Sunriver, Oregon

For more information about the author go to Ron Newman on "Ask About Fly Fishing.com Internet Radio." Don't forget to click on the interview recording!


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