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Grill It! Plank It!<br> Wrap It! Smoke It!

Grill It! Plank It!
Wrap It! Smoke It!

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Sprial Softcover

Author & Chef: Tiffany Haugen

The latest in Tiffany Haugen's exciting line of cookbooks, this book is geared toward anyone who enjoys food infused with the smoky essence of wood. Packed with flavorful, healthy, family-friendly recipes and creative techniques, this all-in-one book shares all that you need to know about grilling, plank and wrap cooking, and smoking foods.

Each cooking style includes appetizers, vegetables, meats, seafood, and desserts. Marinades, rubs, salsas, and sauces are also featured.

This is the first book to combine these three styles of cooking into one convenient and attractive book. Keep it on your shelf, flip to any page, and you will find recipes that please even the pickiest of eaters.

6 x 9 Inches, 156 Pages, All Color

Published October 2007

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